About Us

This is our story


Arctic Padel Inc. are a consolidated company in the sports sector with over 15 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of padel courts around the world. 

For us the padel is more a lifeexperience than just a sport. Our familiy is all involved in the Sport and we truly is in love with padel. We all had our first experience in Spain while we where living there. We brought the sport back home with us to Norway. 


Our courts are installed in US, Canada, Dubai, Denarmk, Norway, Panama, Senegal, Greece, Portugal, France, Italy Germany, Sweden, Russia, Dominican Republic, Bélgium, Romania, Spain and many other countries.

We continue working on new projects in the rest of the world.

Arctic Padel Inc. use multiple factories in Spain and work worldwide to help you set up a complete solution from court installation to club management software. 




The mission of Arctic Padel Inc.s to share with you the passion of padel and they guide you through the process from conception to first hit, and beyond.