Arctic Higwind PRO Padel Court

Padel court for windy areas

This model is a combination of the framework and pillar models, with a reinforcement pillar at the frame union as a main feature. 


This elegant padel court is also the most robust and resilient in our range.


It is also self-supporting and can be moved if desired.


Its great feature is its robustness, as a 160x80 structural pillar is formed by the union of the frames and reinforcement pillar, which makes it more resistant to impacts and gusts of wind.

Court structure

  • Framework with 80x40x2mm tubing, reinforcement pillar at each union of frame and 80x80x2 tubing, forming a 160x80 pillar. Each pillar has a 250x200x10mm anchor plate with 4 x 16mm holes for bolts; with triangular gusset plate

Welded Mesh

  • Dimensions 50x50x4, all ends have protective covers to prevent injuries.

  • Support tubing 40x20x2mm at 1 and 2 metres to prevent warping



  • For indoor and outdoor facilities

  • Especially for areas with very high gusts of wind, e.g. close to the sea

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