Arctic Highwind Padel Court

Court model created as a CENTRE COURT 

Using the Pro model as a starting point, this court is designed for clubs and spectators. A simple structure providing excellent views for spectators.


A court with wide glass panes at its ends, with no pillars or tubing to block views of the action. Widely used as a centre court in clubs holding events or competitions.


The ends consist of wide glass panes held by a reinforcing structure, with the sides identical to the Pro model framework.

Court structure

  • Panoramic structure with tube 100x100x3

  • The sides of the court have 80x40x2mm tube framework, each with 2 x 250x100x10mm anchor plates with 3 x 16mm holes for anchoring; with triangular gusset plate

Welded Mesh

  • Dimensions 50x50x4, all ends have protective covers to prevent injuries.

  • Support tubing 40x20x2mm at 1 and 2 metres to prevent warping



  • For indoor and outdoor facilities

  • As a centre court in a sports centre