Arctic Panorama Padel Court

Court model created and intended for SPECTATORS

This court is special and different from the other courts, and is conceived and designed from the point of view of the players and spectators. This open court has no blind spots, so the spectator misses nothing of the play. 


A court for the best games to be played.


Padel court designed for professionals. Sleek with many customisation options.

two-color option in the structure

Court structure

  • The main frame tube 120x120x3 or 120x120x4mm 

  • Framework with 80x40x2mm tube. Each frame has 2 x 250x100x10mm plates with 3 x 16mm holes for anchoring, with triangle rectangle gusset plate.

  • Whole structure is galvanized

Welded Mesh

  • Dimensions 50x50x4, all ends have protective covers to prevent injuries.

  • Support tubing 40x20x2mm at 1 and 2 metres to prevent warping



  • For indoor and outdoor facilities

  • As a centre court in a sports centre

  • Portable court


Padel Courts available from Arctic Padel


Arctic Highwind

Padel court designed as a CENTRE COURT

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Arctic Panorama Pro

Padel court with unique design


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Arctic Compact

Portable court for easy installation

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Arctic Unique

Padel court made by us FOR YOU!


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Mobil padelbane.jpg

Arctic Mobile

Padel court for EXPORT


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