Padel Courts

"We don´t just sell padel courts,
but we manage your turnkey project by creating and assembling your complete installation"


Arctic Highwind Panoramic

Padel court for windy areaes

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Arctic Panorama

Padel court for SPECTATORS


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Arctic Mobile

Portable court for easy installation

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Arctic Unique

Padel court made by us FOR YOU!


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Arctic Panoramic Pro

Padel court with unique design


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Quality, trust and development

At Arctic Padel Inc., we like to take care of the details, so we work on three premises: Quality, Trust and Development.


Our padel courts are designed under the Spanish and International Padel Federations’ technical specifications, in accordance with the sports facilities regulations (NIDE 2004) to respond to the growing demand for such facilities.


We have various court and structure models, designed to provide various options for our customers: Padel courts designed from the point of view of the player, spectator, manager and club owner.


We are manufacturers, so you can customize the court you order as you like. Arctic Padel Inc. has industry professionals for both manufacturing and assembling padel courts.


Arctic Padel Inc. adapts to your needs, and develops all kinds of components and spaces necessary to improve your facilities. From shops inside your own club, enclosures for the cafe area and decorative or functional components such as benches or area dividers.


Anything you need when establishing your club, distributing spaces, decorating … we can plan and develop it, to give your business that special touch


We recommend using uncoloured tempered float glass of 10-16 mm thickness. However, the thickness chosen depends upon the wind pressure to be withstood, according to the geographical location of the court, as regulated by the Technical Building Code (CTE), as well as if the court is indoor or outdoor. Laminated safety glass of thicknesses 8+8 mm and 10+10 mm can also be used, but in this case the glass cannot be drilled.


A padel tennis court consists of 18 panes of flat glass with polished flat corners and seamed, shiny edges which are properly aligned and optimally fitted together. 14 with a measure of 2x3 m (6 counterbores) and 4 measuring 2x2 mm (4 counterbores).


The panes must not touch each other or any metal component or be supported directly on the ground; they must always be connected to the structure using stainless steel screws, and separated from other panes by PVC or plastic conical caps, while being supported on soft surfaces such as neoprene. The glass must comply with the standard UNE-EN 12150- 2: 2005 Glass in building and UNE-EN 12543-2: 2011